The Terren Townhouse

Pre-designed for speed, then fully adjusted to suit each development site

Two designs, multiple configurations

Limited edition, architecturally designed plans, customised to your land and ready for town planning within weeks.

The Terren Townhouse designs have been created to provide a unique, beautiful and fully architectural offering to the duel occ market.

We provide ease, flexibility and the understanding of what is required to maximise your investment

Introducing Ivy and Camellia

Ivy is named for the wall covering plant to denote that The Terren Ivy townhouse is designed to live on the boundary of the property. The main features of Ivy are the curved facade, the hit and miss brick entrance, the central light-filled courtyard

The strong profile of the Camellia hedge represents the iconic profile of this home. Camellia is designed to sit off the boundary, leaving enough room for side access from front to back. Camellia proves that entering a townhouse needn’t be like walking into a dark corridor. Her dramatic entrance void sores overhead bringing in light to both the ground and first floor.

Terren Townhouse Camellia living and dining in walnut colour scheme
Terren Townhouse Camellia kitchen in walnut colour scheme
Terren Ivy Townhouse Kitchen, dining and pool
Terren Ivy Townhouse Kitchen, living and courtyard

Ivy (to the boundary) and Camellia  (off the boundary) are designed to allow for several configurations or council requirements. Whatever is needed to maximise the block and allow for an easier town planning process.

The two designs can be combined in a multitude of ways for different size multi-unit developments.

Fast, frictionless, flexible and ultimately more feasible.

  • Everything you’ll need to get out of the ground

    For $35,000 or roughly half the price of an Architecturally designed townhouse from scratch, your Terren Townhouse package will include working drawings, structural and civil engineering, thermal assessment and landscaping design. Everything you will need to submit to town planning and then everything you will need to begin construction or tendering post endorsement.

  • Flexibility is key

    All Terren homes are 80% pre-designed for speed and 20% customised for the flexibility to make them perfect for your land or prospective buyers. Once presented with your land we are happy to demonstrate how we believe the plans can be best adjusted to best suit your block and your brief.

  • Getting into town planning sooner

    Our townhouse designs and floorplans will be fully customised to suit your land, orientation, specifications and council requirements within weeks.

    Giving you the ability to save on holding costs by being ready for submission shortly after settlement.  

  • Limited Editions, unlimited potential

    All Terren Architectural designs are limited editions both by number and by Suburb ensuring that you will never compromise your saleability by having a design that is available elsewhere “down the road.”

  • High quality renders for off the plan marketing.

    When you purchase a Terren Townhouse design for your site we will provide access to our extremely high quality renders. If you plan to sell your development off the plan then these can be used in your marketing along with floorplans and descriptive copy.

Every detail, fully considered

As with each Terren Design, we have fully detailed these homes in a multitude of ways. We even provide a verified build range for the standard Ivy and Camellia design for a 650 square meter block. However, once you engage with us to assess your block you will realise the true nature of the flexibility and ease that is being provided.

The floorplans below include a range of options like internal courtyards, work from home spaces, first floor laundry options, butler pantries, mudrooms and swimming pools. We will however fully customise these plans to maximise your block. This might include options like ground floor master bedrooms and ensuites, larger or smaller garages, outdoor kitchens and balconies. Just ask and we will show you what is possible on your block.  

The Terren Townhouse Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the townhouse design package cost?

The Terren Plans Package for the design of two townhouses costs $35,000. Around half the price of Architectural designs from scratch.

What does the Townhouse Package include?

The Terren Townhouse Plans Package includes; detailed working drawings, joinery elevations, specifications schedule, structural and civil engineering, thermal assessment (min 6 star), landscaping design, ceiling plans (lighting, smoke alarms), fully ducted heating and refrigerated cooling plans and electrical plan (plugs and data).

How do you handle Town Planning?

We will provide your drawings ready for town planning submission, as well as allow for a number of hours to respond to RFI’s or drawing edits. You can either nominate to have us manage this process for you at an additional quoted fee (from $3,500) or you can self manage the process or hire a consultant of your choice.

Can you cater for multi-res developments?

Yes, the two designs can be combined in a multitude of ways to create multi-res unit developments. Please get in touch and we will create a quoted submission for your project.

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Want to learn more about Terren, or the Architectural design and build process?

Subscribe to our newsletter for industry articles, info and exclusive previews.