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When you say that Terren provides "architectural home designs” what does that mean?

Simply put it means that Terren’s custom homes are designed and drawn by architects in consultation with builders rather than by builders, drawn by the draftsman. This means that every element will be architecturally assessed for practical, aesthetic and sustainable considerations.

What is included in my final Terren Package?

Everything you need to proceed to tendering or applying for a building permit. (Or for the Townhouse – to submit for town planning) This includes; detailed working drawings, joinery elevations, specifications schedule, structural engineering, thermal assessment (min 6 star), landscaping design, ceiling plans (lighting, smoke alarms), fully ducted heating and cooling plans, electrical plan (plugs and data), a verified build price including quotes from Lovelight, Glux, Woodcut and EST lighting. We have even included a guide to tendering. Note: Depending on your site, further consultants like town planning or civil engineering may be required and we are able to quote on providing these additional services.

What is a verified build price?

Your verified build price gives you an indication of what a Terren home with your selection of finishes and changes can be built for by one builder. Our full T&C’s can be obtained by emailing

You’ve said that my Terren home can be built by any builder I choose, so how are you able to give me a build price with my plans?

The build price we provide is designed to be indicative of what your home can be constructed for by an experienced builder. The goal is to give you confidence and assurance in the price of the finished product. Of course, your builder might build it for a different price, but it certainly CAN be constructed for that price.

How will a Terren design be adjusted to my land?

All Terren homes are 80% pre-designed for speed with 20% ready to be adjusted to our client’s land and brief. Your changes could be anything from preferences like additional rooms or spaces to adjustments for existing site conditions such as vehicle crossovers, orientations or sloping sites.

How much time is included to change my plans and what does that include?

On top of adjusting each design to your land and orientation, we have included a full day of our architect’s time in every Terren package. This will enable you to make non-structural changes like moving doors (and even some walls), you could make changes to the cabinetry or colour palette or other material changes.

What about changes beyond those allowed for in the package?

The full day of our Architect’s time should be more than enough to make your Terren truly YOURS but if you do need additional time it will be available at an hourly rate. Once we see your list of changes we can always provide you with a quote to make them before you commit.

What about structural changes?

We haven’t said no yet. We are open to discussing any changes you would like to make and, if necessary, we can seek a quote from our associated structural engineer to facilitate those changes.

How much does a Terren package cost?

Terren single home packages are priced under $30,000 including GST. The Terren Townhouses are priced at $35,ooo for two homes.  They are around half the normal price for architectural plans PLUS they include structural engineering, thermal assessment, landscaping, a verified build price and civil engineering for Townhouses.

How does payment work?

Once we have completed a preliminary assessment of your land for suitability, you’ll be asked to pay a 50% deposit when you sign your contract with us. We’ll then get to work and within a month (or pre-agreed timeframe) we will be ready to ask for the balance payment in order to supply you with your full set of construction-ready plans.

What do I need to do before purchasing my Terren Plans?

We need two pieces of information in order to formally assess your land for suitability and then design your Terren on it – a Land Survey completed by a registered land surveyor and a Soil Report completed by a Geotechnical Engineer. These are the same two pre-requisites for any home design therefore by completing these processes you will have the information you need in order to begin designing with Terren, or any architect or volume builder. You can read more about these specialists in our [articles] section or get in touch if you need help finding trusted professionals in your area.

Can a Terren home and related images be purchased in order to sell my land with plans attached to it?

Yes. In fact, many Real Estate experts believe that ready-to-build plans make a piece of land far more attractive for sale. We will also allow for our highly detailed renders to be used in the marketing materials for the real estate listing of land with a purchased Terren design. Whilst the plans will be issued in the original owners’ name we will allow for transfer to the new owner after land purchase.

Are Terren designs transferable to another property?

Yes in some cases they might be. If you have purchased Terren plans but have not used them to build, then we might allow for them to be transferred to another suitable property although a fee will be incurred to make the necessary adjustments to the new property.

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Want to learn more about Terren, or the Architectural design and build process?

Subscribe to our newsletter for industry articles, info and exclusive previews.