Custom Home Design

Create a fully customised home design in Melbourne with Terren

Terren provides pre-designed floor plans that are then fully customised to your land, taste and specifications. The way we see it – in most cases our pre-designed plans will get you 80% of the way towards making your own house design. The final 20%, which we complete in just three weeks, is what transforms pre-designed plans into a completely custom home. From custom floor plans to customised finishes and fixtures – you’re ready to build Terren package will include everything you need for your custom home to be built or tendered straight away. Terren’s custom luxury home designs are not just a Melbourne first but an Australian first. Never before have you been able to purchase completely customised architectural plans in such a short amount of time and without being locked into one builder.

Terren’s Custom Home Design Process

  • Step One

    Meet the Terren team. Tell us about your land, your preferred design and your family’s custom home requirements.

  • Step Two

    We’ll assess your land for preliminary suitability for one of our custom floor plans.
    – To accurately complete this step we require: a site survey and geotechnical (soil) report.

  • Step Three

    We provide preliminary custom floorplans for your site. If there are any additional time or costs required to customise your floor plans beyond what has been allowed for in our standard design package then we will also provide a quote for that time.

  • Step Four

    To proceed with bringing your custom floor plan to life we require that you sign our agreement form and pay your 50% deposit.

  • Step Five

    Now it’s your Architectural consultation time that has been allowed for in your package. These non-structural design changes, meetings, drawings and correspondence are what we require to make sure your house design is fully customised to your family.

  • Step Six

    Once you are happy with your custom design, specification and changes then we will provide a form where all customised design options, inclusions and amendments are agreed upon by both parties.

  • Step Seven

    The Terren clock starts! We get to work documenting your custom plans with delivery of Permit Ready Plans for pricing to be delivered within 21 days (or the previously agreed timeframe).

  • Step Eight

    Prior to the delivery of Permit Ready Plans for builder’s pricing, the 50% final payment is due.

  • Step Nine

    Delivery of fully customised Permit Ready Plans. You can use these plans to arrange a tender or proceed to contract with your chosen builder.

    Note: if you require tender consultation this is a service Terren can provide at an additional fee.

  • Step Ten

    Once you have appointed a builder your Customised Terren Construction Ready Plans we be re-issued for your building permit.

    NOTE: We encourage clients to have an independent building surveyor on board as early in the process as possible. During our documentation stage (Step 7) we will incorporate any feedback or notations as required by that surveyor. If a surveyor is not appointed prior to step 7 then once that surveyor has assessed the plans we will allow for building surveyor notations to be incorporated into Construction Ready Plans (Step 10).

Terren’s Custom Home Design Options

We have created the Botanical collection with four unique floorplans and designs that can each be customised to suit your wants and needs. For example, if you are a large family – the Dahlia floorplan might suit best. If you are a downsizer perhaps our single-level Viola provides the ideal starting point for your custom plans. Perhaps you like a bit from each home – get in touch -we can customise nearly any floorplan to your needs.

Want to know what your custom floor plan might cost to build? Use our design tool to add a range of options and extras and instantly view how they might affect your verified build price.

Your custom home questions answered

How much does it cost to design a custom home?

Every Terren custom home package is priced under thirty thousand dollars. Around half of what it would usually cost to design a custom home from scratch with a reputable architect and engineer.

How long does it take to build a custom home design?

The Terren custom design process will be completed within just weeks of purchase however your build time is entirely dependent on the builder you chose to appoint. Our custom home designs are likely to take between 9 months and 1 year to build.

Is building a custom home design more expensive?

Whilst an architecturally designed custom home is likely to cost more than a standard volume builder design it is a higher quality product that includes items like 3m ceilings and full height glazing as standard – compared with volume builders where there are plenty of hidden costs that are considered upgrades.

Is building a custom home design worth it?

Well essentially that’s up to you, your family, your budget and your suburb. Architectural homes do tend to cost more than standard volume built homes however the resale and return on investment will also reflect a large disparity between unique architecturally designed homes and those that are mass built and replicated in thousands of locations. We believe that a custom designed architectural home will deliver results for your family as a forever home as well as in their resale.

How to start building one of Terren’s custom home designs?

Explore our design tool and collection and if you like what you see then get in touch. We have found that with just one meeting with our team all your questions, concerns and custom options can be addressed.

Want to learn more about Terren, or the Architectural design and build process? Subscribe to our newsletter for industry articles, info and exclusive previews.

Want to learn more about Terren, or the Architectural design and build process?

Subscribe to our newsletter for industry articles, info and exclusive previews.