More than one type of surveyor!

The plans we will be able to provide our clients with, just weeks after purchase, will contain everything required from a design perspective to proceed to a building contract. Together with these build ready plans you will need to appoint a builder and a building surveyor to issue your building permit.

In my previous article explained what a land surveyor does. And I have been asked by a few people if this is the same as a building surveyor? To those of us who have been building for decades –we know these two types of surveyors are vastly different but I can totally appreciate how confusing this might be so I’ve tried to explain what a building surveyor is in this article.

So what is a BUILDING surveyor?

A Building Surveyor is an essential consultant required on every build project which requires a building permit. Building Surveyors provide approvals and certification of a building design against regulatory codes and compliance items. Once a building has been designed and complies with these measures a building permit can be issued to enable a builder to start building.

When should you engage a building surveyor?

This is up to you but essentially you will need a building surveyor in order to get your building permit and begin building. They will do an initial assessment of your plans and provide feedback of any changes or notations required by the Architect before a builder can give you their contract price. But then you will need your builder to provide that contract in order to actually get your permit issued. Terren will provide all the drawings you require for a building permit and your building surveyor will let you know if there are any further regulatory bodies (Melbourne water for example) that they require feedback from, as well as anything further they require from your builder (insurance details for example) before issuing your building permit.

After the permit is issued.

A building surveyor is also required during the construction of a project to undertake inspections to ensure the designed works are being carried out to compliance satisfaction. This ensure that the overall project is built to code and according to the architectural and structural plans for your site.

Why is the Building Surveyor not part of Terren?

There are two main reasons but the first is that a building surveyor is legally required to be independent of both the architect and the builder and appointed by you. Secondly, as each Terren home will be tailored to your land and specifications it will necessarily differ from the next for reasons much like the Land surveyor.

So how should you find a building surveyor to engage with?

We are always willing and able to assist with recommendations of suitable building surveyors in your area. The builder you chose might also have a recommendation of someone they often work with however it’s important to remember that the choice is yours as in many ways the building surveyor will be your advocate in the process – making sure your builder is held to account for building your home the way it is supposed to be.

We know that building is a big decision for most people and we aim to guide you along the way, sharing as much information as possible so that you feel fully informed from the get go. As such, please let me or my team know if you have any further questions on building surveyors, land surveyors or Terren in general.

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Want to learn more about Terren, or the Architectural design and build process?

Subscribe to our newsletter for industry articles, info and exclusive previews.