Designing a home: how to design a new house to build on your land

We often get asked how to custom design a new home that is right for your land, family, future, and budget? In fact, over the years these same questions of how to design a house to build, without starting from scratch or costing in the region of fifty to one hundred thousand dollars – where the basis that inspired the Terren concept. 

We set out with a goal to make it easy for you to design your home, on your land and with your choice of builder. We wanted to make the process of designing a house fast, flexible, streamlined and most importantly beautiful. 

Whilst you may already have plenty of aesthetic ideas in mind for your new house design, here are a few other key elements we always tell our clients to think about when designing a new home to build;

1. Orientation

The position of your land in relation to the sun’s path throughout the day. You’ll want to make sure that your new home design delivers the maximum natural light to your living areas whilst still achieving a thermal rating above 6 stars.

2. Zoning  

Mapping your home’s floorplan design and grouping rooms according to the different purposes within. Great home designs, will always consider the flow between different zones like services, living, eating, and sleeping.

3. Town planning 

Your town planning requirements will depend on the home you design for your land and its impact on your Neighbours. If you are planning to build a single home and are willing to stay within general planning constraints (as all Terren homes are designed to do) then you will likely not need to go through a formal town planning process with your local council. 

4. Future Proof

These are the elements of your new home design that might not be apparent to you now but that a good architect will always take into consideration before suggesting a design for your home. They could be as simple as designing enough storage for your growing family or allowing room for Solar Panels to power your home. They could even take into consideration whether wheelchair access for aging relatives might be needed down the track.

With our Botanical collection we believe we have designed homes for all these elements and so much more. By visiting our design page you can choose a home design from our collection that you believe best suits your family’s wants, needs and budget. You can even select from our pre-designed floor plan changes and extras to get a realistic feel for how these changes would affect the price of your build. 

What you see on our website is only an indication of your home design possibilities with Terren. When you are ready to come in and meet with us, that is where your new home design truly begins. We’ll assess your land for suitability and work with you to make all the necessary changes that will take your Terren design from suitable to spectacularly specific to your land and family.

From there we will design your home plans, elevations, working drawings, engineering, thermal assessment and everything else required to get you building permit or tender ready in just three week’s time.

If you feel like you are ready to begin designing your home or even if you just want to understand what Terren offers, then please feel free to reach out to us via our contact page or book an appointment with our team. We love to help you design your home.

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Want to learn more about Terren, or the Architectural design and build process?

Subscribe to our newsletter for industry articles, info and exclusive previews.