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About Terrens Custom Home Designs

‘terr-en’: An inhabitant of the earth; ground; turf; land; location.

The home design process should be a journey, not a destination. And at Terren, we offer a variety of custom luxury home designs to help you along the way. Our team of experts will work with you to understand your unique needs and desires, and then craft a custom home design that is perfect for you. We also offer step-by-step guidance on the construction process, so you can be sure your home is built to the highest standards. Click here to start your luxury home owner journey today!

A completely new way.

The idea is simple – architecturally designed home plans, adjusted to your land and chosen specifications, with a pre-quoted, verified build price and the freedom to have that home built by anyone.

Fast, frictionless, flexible and ultimately beautiful.

Steps of the process

  • Step one – Select your Custom Home Design
    Step one – Select your Custom Home Design

    Explore the Botanical Architectural Design Collection or Our Terren Townhouse Designs and pick the design that best suits your land and your needs. This is extremely important, as choosing your favoured architectural design for your dream home is a big decision, so feel free to enquire with us if you have any questions about which home design plan is correct for your situation.

  • Step two – Assess your Home Design
    Step two – Assess your Home Design

    When you have decided on the basic specifications of the custom home that most appeals to you, get in touch and we will assess your site for suitability. Where appropriate we will even show you a basic custom floorplan of how our home design would work on your site. All this will happen before you pay us for anything!

  • Step three – Customise you Home Design
    Step three – Customise you Home Design

    Come in and meet with our team or arrange a digital appointment. We’ll discuss your needs and answer all your questions and concerns. In this meeting, we can even discuss the other changes you would like to make to the house design. We have allowed for a full day of our Architect’s time in order to make non-structural changes specifically for you!

  • Step four - Deliver your Custom Home
    Step four - Deliver your Custom Home

    You’ll pay a 50% deposit and we’ll get to work on your custom house! Once you have confirmed all the changes and choices you would like to see in your home design, we draw up plans that are ready for pricing (or Town Planning for a Townhouse design).


Terren Team
Paul Kegen
Co-Founder and Architect

Paul is an Architect who is known for his utterly meticulous approach to architecture, design and business.

“As an architect, I deal with all sorts of different clients and families with, as you can imagine, a huge variance in what they want, need and are willing to spend. So why, over and over, was I hearing of so many similar problems, barriers and miscommunications between clients, architects and builders?

Essentially, it seemed that what most people wanted was access to beautifully designed architectural home plans but they didn’t want to subscribe to the associated time and costs involved. They also didn’t enjoy being locked into one particular builder from the outset but rather wanted the freedom and flexibility to have their home built by whomever they chose to trust.

I knew there had to be a different solution. It didn’t exist, and so we created Terren.”

Paul Kegen
Rod Seidner

Rodney is a Registered Domestic Builder, (Unlimited (DB-U) with the Victorian Building Authority) who values attention to detail and aims to be approachable in order to build strong relationships with clients, suppliers and trades across every project.

“For Terren, I bring the confidence of build surety. Terren clients do not necessarily need me to build their home – they will have all the plans and specs provided to have their home built by whomever they choose –but they will know that these homes can be built for the quoted price because my team at S&K Group will commit to building them at that price. Our estimators and project managers have spent months combing through these designs – working with the architects and structural engineers to determine their buildability, feasibility and price points. We’re confident in these designs and their associated build cost and we hope that confidence will make your entire build process far less stressful and far more enjoyable.”

Rod Seidner
Justine Gaitz
Creative Director

Justine comes from an advertising and marketing background. She is also the Mum of the group and is passionate about making sure Terren designs include everything a family needs to feel at home for many years to come.

“I had spent the last 3 years going through a frustrating home designing experience so when Rod and Paul approached me with the Terren idea I instantly knew it was exactly the option I wished I could have had for my own build!

Professionally I have always lent my voice to brands big and small so I was more than happy to come on board and help bring Terren to life. Whilst I’m not an Architect or builder I aim to bring the client’s perspective to the table at all times. I know that as a client I want my concerns to be taken into consideration, I don’t want to be locked into a design with an unknown price point and I definitely don’t want to be condescended or sold to. Most of all I know I want to build something beautiful, architectural and family-friendly.”

Justine Gaitz

Partners / Suppliers

Lovelight provides specialist window furnishing systems including curtains, blinds, shutters and automation. They are known for sourcing and installing the best products locally and from around the world. Lovelight listens to their client’s needs in order to provide custom solutions that make houses feel like homes.

Terren has worked with Lovelight to specify and quote a selection of window furnishings for every Terren home. We’ve done this because we know that, by having your window furnishings quoted as part of your pre-supplied build price, we will ensure that high-quality window furnishings are never an afterthought but are able to be thoughtfully budgeted for from the outset.

Est Lighting is an exceptional architectural lighting consultant and provider of leading light products. Offering high-performance functional lighting and thoughtfully selected decorative pieces, their team are experts in providing responsive light solutions.

We have partnered with them to specify a selection of feature lighting for every Terren home – already quoted as part of your verified build price. In this way, we will ensure that your lighting is an integral part of your home design.

G-LUX is a family-owned business based in Melbourne. They have been dedicated to sourcing and importing the highest quality Natural Stone and Porcelain products for over a decade. The passionate and creative G-lux team is committed to providing exceptional service and exceeding both client and designer expectations.

Terren has partnered with G-lux because we understand that our customers value architectural design details like stone and tile selections. They want a design that has taken every material detail into consideration and we believe that design should include specially selected stone as part of the holistic design.

Woodcut is not just another timber flooring company. Their passion for and knowledge of timber stems from generations passed, starting with the director’s grandfather, who worked as a timber merchant. Today, Woodcut’s high quality engineered European oak flooring is the most specified product range in Victoria

Terren homes have been designed from the ground up, with every detail taken into consideration. Our partnership with Woodcut ensures that no matter who builds each Terren home, the holistic design and considered materiality remains intact.

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Want to learn more about Terren, or the Architectural design and build process?

Subscribe to our newsletter for industry articles, info and exclusive previews.